Sometimes, the love for him was so strong.

Sometimes, the love for him was so strong.  Would this be a tightrope for her, or her abyss?

White, pure, perfect, the blooms lined the narrow pathway.  She hesitated not knowing if she could, or should, follow.  Deciding quickly, to fight any further hesitation,

she pushed forward, against the backward pull.  It was almost like pushing against water.  At last, she was free.

Faster and faster, finally falling into herself, Silver was transcending her dream.  The sheets beneath her were cold.  Involuntarily, a trembling chill took over.

Cheeks flushed with fever, were now wet with tears.  Placing her hands over her heart, she tried to still the racing.  She saw lavender blue shadows and polka dots through her lashes.

Turning her head on the damp, field of daisies pillowcase, and opening her eyes fully, her breath caught and held.  The miracle of it all was just too much to comprehend.

Not holding the thought of impossibility, she just accepted.

They were married one day, last year’s March, with a very exquisite moon as a silent witness.  The bond between them was sacred.  She had no choice but to forgive.  A

slight touch of his waiting hand would bring her peace.  She tried to reach for him, but was once again lost, quite lost, in the Dunes of Darkness.

The Astral Plane had a lot of “bad press.” There were those that thought it devoid of warmth, humanity, growth, and all the components of a healthy and loving life.

Some, called it Limbo.  Ancient writings referred to it as the “Land of the Lost.”  All agreed it was not a good place to vacation.

Silver thought of it as being caught between a rock and a hard place.  She surmised, “It’s okay for now.  I needed a rest.” Later, she found that there was no rest for the

weary and her battles were not only of her mind, but of her body, and most of all, of her spirit.  The effects of the passage overwhelmed, at first.  Now, she knew

changes were taking place… as without, so within.

The Blackest Wing soared high and swooped into all fissures and cuts.  There was no space free from invasion.  The shadow from the creature’s wings was a late

alarm as to what was to follow.  Within seconds, there would be a teeth chattering temperature drop. Stillness followed.  Cracks and crannies became

wider.   Froth oozed into every natural edifice, filling all in height, width, and depth with a bubbling, marbling ink of infection. This was the territorial mark.

One half, of this monster, was black and steaming, looking like a child’s dragon of nightmares.  The other half, was a beautiful “David.”  Oddly, it was this fair David that

that caused the heart to stop mid-beat, all faculties to subside, and breath to be frozen in a suspended green cloud of vapor.

Fear was felt by all lost in this Astral Plane.  First, their would be paralysis of action, burning of the palms and soles, and at last, cessation of thought…no emotion,

memory, or feeling.  The Master of the Elements, this Darkest Wing, was the real deal.

…”step softly, make no sign, lie low,” a buzzing mantra warned.  Silver had wandered into the “other reality.”  Anguish, of no beginning or end,

escape, or rescue, caused her to weep, openly…for there was no reason to hold back.

All she needed was his touch and she would be safe.  She would bring him back to that magical place where heartbreak could not dwell…and the moon smiled.