Sometimes, in the quiet of the night, restless, random thoughts seem to take over.  This is usually a sign, for me, that a painting is waiting…”to be.”  The steps are very simple to follow, but the process is shadowed by procrastination…I need to place everything in order, around me.  I wondered why I did this seemingly endless list of tasks before starting. Now, I know it is important for me to clear “outward” distraction, before I travel inward.

My personal DNA, is my Imaging or Mono Printing that brings instant surprise. This is my own time, emotion, and circumstance that comes through with the placement of paint to paper and canvas.  Paint is selected with three instinctive choices.  Then, the color is dripped, swirled, or brushed as my first layer.  Waiting for drying, music is played and a mood is captured.  Impatience might step in, with quick successive pressings. More rays of the palette selection are included. An image unfolds.

Sometimes, drying between layers, allows me additional time to add texture and collage. The image is enhanced with natural elements, almost like choosing ingredients for a recipe. I have used rose petals, coffee, fine glass crystals, spices, and more.  Collage additions are of my own hand, usually, torn strips of saved, past paintings. I am enchanted by what is discovered.  It is not until I fingertip touch, that I know whether or not my “story” is complete.

The title is difficult to capture, but like a broken bridge, it cannot let the traveler pass, until it placed.
I hope that you travel with me and enjoy my “moment in time.”

Much love and appreciation,